Hot Horseback Riding How-Tos

How To: Groom your horse

Maylyn McEwan describes how to give a horse a perfect groom. She says you must clean the hooves, remove any dirt and sweat marks, remove hair and promote circulation, remove any dirt and grease, groom the head, brush the mane, brush the tail, sponge the eyes, nose, and clock, lay the mane and tail, strap your horse, and oil the hooves. There are many benefits to grooming your horse. It improves your horse's health; promotes muscle tone and circulation; strengthens the bond between horse and o...

How To: Strap your horse

Maylyn McEwan describes how to strap your horse without harming it. She says you should strap the neck, shoulder area, hind quarters, lower hind quarters, and then the other side. Strapping is a traditional but very effective method to promote circulation and to build muscle. Strap your horse.

How To: Apply a stable bandage

Maylyn McEwan says that a stable bandage is designed to support, protect, and provide warmth for horses. She describes how you roll the bandage, place the padding, apply the bandage, and remove the bandage. Apply a stable bandage.

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