How To: Fit a martingale on your horse

Fit a martingale on your horse

First of all you need to know that there are different types of Martingale Fit. In this tutorial you are first shown a running Martingale Fit. It is attached around the neck by wrapping it. You have to make sure to wrap it around the neck in such a way that it fits to come exactly in the middle of the horse's chest. Here you have to make the connections. Now you have to go underneath the legs and attach it to the girth. You shall notice two rings hanging over from the chest. You have to attach the reins from the so that they make a straight line when you hold them in you hands.For making the standing Martingale Fit these two rings are attached together by a connected piece. They would be attached to the nose bend of the horse. To attach this you need to take the piece from the chest piece to the nose bend such that you are able to lift the head of the horse up by placing it right underneath the neck.There is another type of running Martingale Fit. In this you have to instead of having the connectors separate, you have to place them on the sides of the horse's neck. The connector piece at the chest should be making a 'v' shape and must be placed at the center of the chest. It should also make a straight line with your reins and the head. That's it.

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