How To: Saddle your horse for riding

Saddle your horse for riding

How to saddle your horse for riding To saddle your horse start with the pad. Fold the pad in half and put your fingers in the fold. Put the pad high up on the horses neck and slide it down into place. Use your fingers to make sure that the pad is centered on the horses back. Gently sling the saddle on the horses back and allow it come down into place. Go around to the off side of the horse and let the cinch down. Make sure you maintain contact with the horse so that he knows where you are. When you reach for the cinch face forward so that the horse can't kick you in the face. Tighten the cinch slowly to give the horse a chance to get use to it. Make sure that the buckle in in the hole and tie a cinch knot to hold the cinch in place.

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