How To: Fit a helmet for horseback riding

Fit a helmet for horseback riding

Christy Lendwehr and Julie Goodnight from the Certified Horsemanship Association explain how to know when you have a fitting and correctly adjusted horse riding helmet. First and foremost, you should wear your helmet every time you ride and you should be sure that is a ASTM SEI helmet approved for equestrian riding, as they also make helmets for sports and those should not be used while riding a horse. When putting on a helmet you should be able to push it and only the wearer's eyebrows should move. It should fit just like a baseball cap and not fall off even when not strapped on if the wearer leans forward. The sliders on the sides of the helmet should fall just below the ears and no lower. Finally, the strap should be snug but not too tight, about a finger width between the strap and the wearer's lower jaw should be sufficient. With that you now have a correctly fitted riding helmet.

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