How To: Ride a horse if you're a beginner

Ride a horse if you're a beginner

In this video from jumper881 we learn how to ride a horse for beginners. First mount the horse by putting your left foot into the left stirrup. Then grab onto the saddle and pull yourself up. Then hold your reigns with your pinky on the outside and your ring finger on the other one. To steer your horse, pull left reign to go left, and right reign to go right. To stop, pull back on the reigns. Not too hard though. To walk your horse, make a noise and squeeze with your heel. Keep heels down and toes up. To trot your horse, from the walk, click, say trot and squeeze your heel. You must post for balance. Watch the horse's outside shoulder and when it goes forward you go out of saddle When it goes back down go into the saddle. To canter, keep heels down, back straight, hands low....This is the 3rd fastest way to go on the horse. The fastest gait is the gallop. To do this keep heels way down, and come out of the saddle in a 2 point and keep your shoulders back and back straight. To dismount, take your right foot out of the right stirrup and swing your leg over. Pull left foot out of left stirrup and swing down. After the ride groom the horse. Give him a treat too. Do not slouch over when riding and do not keep your toes down.

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