How To: Join-up with your horse

Join-up with your horse

To do a join-up with your horse, first drive the horse away from you to keep it moving until it is ready to join-up. A join-up may take a very long time, especially if your horse has never done one before. Keep as square to the horse as you can. Use a lunge whip, lead rope or your hands to drive the horse away but never hit or touch the horse. The join-up method creates mutual respect and communication between the rider and the horse. The horse is ready to join up by turning its inner ear towards you, snorting, mouthing or sticking its tongue in and out. This can take a long time. When the horse is ready to join-up, drop your tools and stop. Turn your back to the horse and hold your hand out in the direction of the horse. The horse should walk right up to your hand. If it doesn't, keep driving the horse until it successfully completes the join up so it understands what you want.

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