News: Ride a bull like a real cowboy

Ride a bull like a real cowboy

Eight seconds can seem like an eternity when you're hanging onto 2,000lbs of fury. No amount of drunken mechanical bull riding can prepare you for the massive energy of the real thing.

To be a great bull rider, you must embrace the wild ride. It's the key to success. If you make it look too easy or the bull tame, the judges will score you poorly.

In the end, it's all about the show. The Professional Bull Riders give us an insight into what the rodeo is all about.

Ride a bull in a rodeo

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so it's not just like the saddle ranch ?
and i never knew they judged the bull's performance as strongly as the rider.

they sound guilty when they talk about the flank strap
is that one of the roots of the PETA/animal abuse arguments?

I simultaneously read "ride a bull" and heard "PBR". Thought we were about to be blessed with bucking-blue-ribbon mayhem...

that guy was a idiot 4 wearing red and running past a bull

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